Photovoltaics in open-end funds – Solar meets Real Estate

Solar obligation, ESG, GEIG, etc. What does this mean for the open-ended real estate fund? On Tuesday, 20.06.2023, experts from the fields of solar energy, law and taxes, valuation, fund management and ESG discussed solar energy, its potential and the existing problems and issues in open-ended real estate funds. The event, which was held for the second time after last year’s great success under the motto “Solar meets Real Estate”, was hosted by the solar company ENVIRIA. Also present and responsible for the part “KAGB and Taxes” was tax partner Rolf Krauß from KUCERA.

Expert presentations, among others by the founder and managing director of the solar company ENVIRIA, were followed by a lively panel discussion. Conclusion: The energy turnaround poses challenges for open-ended real estate funds. Well thought-out solutions in photovoltaics are not only necessary, but can also contribute economically to the success of the fund.

Rolf G. Krauß
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