The Montagsgesellschaft as a guest at KUCERA

On Wednesday, 01.02.2023, industry experts discussed the topic:

Changing times in the real estate world: will renovations become the standard and new construction projects the exception in the future via ESG?

It’s no secret that the building sector missed climate targets again last year. That’s why existing buildings now need to be modernized more quickly and extensively in terms of energy. This fact prompted us to take up the topic and discuss building from different angles. Read more…

On the panel:

  • Michael Landes, architect, urban planner and furniture designer; Michael A. Landes Architect BDA.
  • Jens Jakob Happ, architect and urban planner; JJH Architektengesellschaft mbH
  • Olaf Cunitz, former head of the city planning department Frankfurt am Main/GWH Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH Hessen
  • Lennard Fuß, project manager NORSK Germany AG and ESG responsible person

To the recording of the event:

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