KUCERA appoints new members of the firm’s management team

KUCERA has partially replaced the firm’s Management Board. New members of the management board at KUCERA are Niels Wildberger and Isabel Tannenberg. Niels Wildberger is a lawyer and notary and has been a partner at KUCERA since the beginning of 2019. Isabel Tannenberg has been a lawyer at KUCERA since 2011 and also a tax advisor in the area of real estate taxation since 2015. She has been a partner at KUCERA since 2019. Wildberger and Tannenberg replace Dr Stefan Kucera and Rolf Krauß in the position as members of the Management Board. “Rolf Krauß and I are thus passing on the baton to the younger generation. We expect this to give new impetus to the firm’s management,” said Dr Kucera, commenting on the change at the top of the management board. Krauß and Kucera have been members of the board since its establishment in 2017 and will end their activities at the regular end. “Both of us did not stand for re-election. In addition to the rejuvenation of the board, it was important to both of us to be able to fully concentrate on advising our clients in the future,” Rolf Krauß describes the handover of the management posts. KUCERA introduced the management board, which consists of three partners, in 2017 against the backdrop of growing demands on the administration as a result of the firm’s growth. The Management Board assumes central steering tasks in the area of the firm’s administration. In addition to Wildberger and Tannenberg, the third member of the board is still partner Milena Frank. Like the departing members, Frank is a founding partner of the firm and ensures the necessary continuity in the board’s work.

Isabel Tannenberg
Niels Wildberger
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